358 office concept

In 2008 358, a Helsinki-based advertising agency, asked us to develop a mobile set of furniture – the recently founded company did not want to invest in permanent surroundings but rather wanted be flexible enough to move in search of inexpensive office space, adaptable to changes in workforce and demands etc. For this we designed a set of modular furniture on wheels. The set, consisting of elements for different functions, could be used to articulate areas in any available space.

In 2010 the office set camp with a more permanent stay in mind in the center of Helsinki and new needs arose. We analyzed the existing space and divided it according to the workflow of the agency into areas supporting different behaviors: coming up with ideas, turning them into concepts and presenting and developing them further with clients.

The set we had designed was brought in to divide the space and a new hang-out platform was built to support the creation of ideas in collaboration, the driving force of the agency.