Tuomas Siitonen has been the responsible project architect in all listed projects, unless stated otherwise.

Building design

Summer house addition, 100 m2, Hauho, 2021–
House, 125 m2, Laajasalo, 2021–
House, 250 m2, Jollas, 2021–
Two houses, 440 m2, Lauttasaari, 2020–
Log sauna II, 25 m2,  Pyhtää, 2020–
Four houses, 600 m2, Kirkkonummi, 2020–
Private house, 200 m2, Kustavi, 2020–
Summer house, 100 m2, Vihti, 2020–
Private house, 250 m2 , Veikkola, 2019–
Private house, 250 m2 , Lauttasaari, 2019–
Two houses, 400 m2, Espoo, 2018–
Extension to a Viljo Revell -designed villa in Helsinki, 40 m2, Helsinki, 2018–
Two houses, 250 m2, Helsinki, 2018, completed
Private house, 200 m2, Sipoo, 2017 (unbuilt)
Cabin, 50 m2, Nauvo, completion 2017 (unbuilt)
Private house V, 220 m2, Helsinki, 2017, completed
Cabin R, 50 m2, Kotka, 2016, completed
Private house M-M, 170 m2, Helsinki, 2013, completed
Log sauna, 30 m2, Jyväskylä, 2014, completed
Cabin, 70 m2, Iittala (unbuilt)
Temporary container bar / shop for Heineken, 100 m2, 2011
Cabin, 30 m2, Högskär, 2010 (unbuilt)
Attic reuse, 25 m2, Helsinki, 2011

Interior design

L3-warehouse reuse concept for Kaapelitehdas Oy (with Hella Hernberg), 2017
Movie theatre Riviera, Helsinki, interior design 2016, 300 m2
Made in Kallio, Helsinki, interior design, 2015-, 200 m2
Päivälehti Newspaper Museum, Helsinki, 2015, 300 m2
Turun kasarmi reuse concept for Lasipalatsi Mediacentre, 2014
Esitystaiteen keskus, Suvilahti, Helsinki, 2013-, 200 m2
Industrial space to living space conversion, 2012, 100 m2
Kruununmakasiini concept design, Helsinki, 2012, 400 m2
Sanomatalon Kulma, retail, Helsinki, 2012, 120 m2 (with interior architect Katriina Lankinen)
SIC art gallery, Makasiini L3, Helsinki, 2012, 100 m2
Roslund meat shop, Teurastamon portti, Helsinki, 2012, 50 m2
Helkama-house, lobby, restaurant and meeting rooms, Espoo, 2012, 400 m2 (with interior architect Katriina Lankinen)
358, advertising agency, Helsinki, 2011, 300 m2 (with interior architect Katriina Lankinen)

Urban design

Kalasatama temporary use concept and implementation for the City of Helsinki, 2009–2011, with Johanna Hyrkäs

Exhibition design

OP Museum, 2022 *
What if?, Design Museum, Helsinki, 2022
U-Joints / Knots & Knits, Fiskars Village Biennale, 2022
Museo Leikki, Tapiola, 2022 *
Kuosikeskus, Forssa, 2021 *
Permanent exhibition Toista maata, National Museum of Finland,  2021 *
Uno Ullberg, Museum of Finnish Architecture, 2020
Sea Monsters, with Erika Kallasmaa & Laura Ruohonen, Kotka, 2019
Mind-Building, Finnish Pavilion at the 16th Venice Biennale, Venice, 2018
Lorem Ipsum – Grafia 85, Designmuseum, Helsinki, 2018
Graffiti, HAM Helsinki City Art Museum, Helsinki, 2018
Forum Marinum, new permanent exhibition on shipbuilding, Turku, 2017
Eliel Saarinen in Helsinki, Laituri, 2017
Prehistory section, National Museum of Finland, Helsinki, 2016 (based on the winning competition entry)
Päivälehti Museum, new permanent exhibition, Helsinki, 2015
Our House, pop-up exhibition in to-be demolished apartment building, Vantaa, 2015
Kari Suomalainen -exhibition, Päivälehti Museum, 2012
V.A. Koskenniemi -exhibition, Päivälehti Museum, 2011
Your life in a shopping basket, Laituri, 2011

Prior to year 2010 exhibition design projects for University of Technology, Designmuseun, Museum of Technology and Laituri.

*) Since 2019 exhibition design projects done with Kombo


Tuomas Siitonen has a lecturer position in Aalto University, in the chair of Principles and Theory of Architecture since 2016.

In addition he has been lecturing, running workshops and evaluating and tutoring thesis´projects since 2005 in graphic design, interior design and media departments of Aalto University, University of Helsinki and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Full reference and publication list on request.