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Our key mission is to develop sustainable small-scale residential architecture.

Tuomas Siitonen has a M.Sc. in Architecture from Helsinki University of Technology and M.A. from the Graphic Design department of Helsinki University of Art and Design. Combining these skills in actual projects since around 2001 in projects with M41LH2 studio, Part. and Anteeksi-collective Tuomas launched Tuomas Siitonen Office in 2010. Prior to that he gained experience of ambitious small-scale architecture as a project architect at Tuomo Siitonen Architects on Studio Widnäs and at Heikkinen-Komonen on Villa Frida.

Since then our small and flexible team has worked on projects for public and private clients. Our public clients have included The City of Helsinki, The National Museum of Finland, HAM Helsinki City Art Museum and Design Museum in Helsinki. For private clients we have designed a number of houses and smaller dwellings, often on demanding sites in urban context. View the client list.

The work of Tuomas Siitonen has been exhibited in various occasions, including the Biennial Survey of Finnish Architecture and the Venice Biennale. It has also been featured by Dezeen, Dwell, ArchDaily and others. Links to selected articles.

Our work has also been shortlisted for awards such as Puupalkinto (the Finnish Wood Award).

In addition to running the office Tuomas Siitonen has a teaching position in the Department of Architecture, chair of Architectural Principles and Theory of Aalto University and does visiting lectures and workshops on a regular basis. In 2018 he got the Teacher of the Year -award from the students of architecture in Aalto University.

A well-known specialist in exhibition architecture, Tuomas is a partner in exhibition design company Kombo since 2019.

We are a member of The Association of Finnish Architects´Offices.

Our services

Concept design
Architectural design
Construction drawings and documents
Building site supervision
Bureaucracy handling
Project management

Our tools

We utilize latest computer tools, including cloud-based project sharing and BIM modeling. Besides these we employ traditional methods like physical scale models.

Our team

Tuomas Siitonen, architect SAFA GRAFIA, director

Antti Auvinen, project architect
Sudaroli Gunasekaran, architect
Mari Sollman, interior architect
Eilo Hatakka, project architect
Monica Romagnoli, interior architect

Johannes Nieminen /,
graphic design collaborator
Panu Heikkilä /,
interactive design collaborator